Add a professional touch to your help desk with automation

We have designed the Datawing Automation facilities to allow you to respond automatically to events, escalate support and create custom work flows for your professional needs.



About automation

Automation allows you to perform tasks in response to events in Datawing. For example the sending of confirmation emails when you receive a support message.

Automation is given a set of conditions to match and tasks to carry out when those conditions are matched. All automation in Datawing works off events and can be scheduled in relation to those events.

With automation you can:

  • Respond automatically to new tickets or messages to reassure the user that you have received the message
  • Automatically assign work to a specific user when it has passed a certain age or priority
  • Send a message to your user when a ticket is assigned
  • And much more…


You can define as many automations as you require.

For each automation you can define any number of conditions and any number of actions. Conditions can be grouped conditions using "And"/"Or" logic for more complex matching, or you can use custom queries using Datawing Query Language.