1. Minors (persons under the age of 16) are permitted to register as an individual on Datawing provided they have a chaperone appointed, who must be a legal guardian and over the age of 18.

2. The chaperone has unrestricted access to view, amend, create or delete information on the minor’s profile to which they have been appointed chaperone. The chaperone may also request that the account be closed.

3. The following information about a minor’s profile cannot be made publically available:

a. Their age

b. Their address and contact information

c. Their profile image: A minor is not permitted to have a public image.

d. News posts

e. Friends

4. Minors are subject to content restrictions based on their age and may not view any inappropriate content. The chaperone must ensure that the minor’s age on their account is correct.

5. A minor may not use any applications that require anything more than their name in order to operate and may not use applications that are age inappropriate.

6. Applications that offer content with variable age restrictions are required to use the Datawing API to verify that the user is of an appropriate age to access a given piece of content. The Datawing API will only verify the age band a user falls into, not their exact age.

7. Minors are permitted to make purchases or to become customers/members or organisations under the supervision of their chaperone. The chaperone must enter their password to authenticate their presence. Certain vendors may not permit minors to become customers.

8. On their sixteenth birthday or after a minor may remove the chaperone from their account using the “remove chaperone” link. This does not happen automatically.